JENETTA K1 1939. -a golden opportunity


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Jenetta K1, 1939 -A golden opportunity to recreate the World’s largest and fastest 3rd rule 12-metre.

JENETTA 1938/39
🧭. -Jenetta races VIM -and wins
Designed in 1939 by Alfred Mylne for Sir William Burton, President of the Yacht Racing Association and long term client of the Mylne design office.

The “Jenetta” was one of his most successful 12-metre designs, exceptional even by the standards of a man who was considered to be the world’s finest designer for 12-metres in his day. “Jenetta” was the fourth and last 12-metre for Sir William Burton, himself a famous yachtsman, who made his fortune in the sugar trade. Sugar and tea have a natural affinity and so he first became business partner and later friend of Sir Thomas Lipton with whom he shared the passion for yacht racing. Burton helmed Lipton’s “Shamrock IV” in an unsuccessful but close challenge for the America’s Cup in 1920. “Shamrock IV” was narrowly beaten by the American defender, “Resolute”, by 3 races to 2 and this was Lipton’s best ever challenge.

“Jenetta“ is not only the longest 12 metre ever built but was also one of the fastest, the only one capable of beating “Vim” in 1939 (see article above). 

The opportunity now exists for a new “Jenetta” to be authentically re-created from the extensive plans and documents held in the archives. With support from the Mylne design team ensuring compliance with the original specification, “Jenetta” can once again grace the seas as the largest and fastest 3rd rule 12m yacht afloat.

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Marina was only surpassed by JENETTA, designed in 1939 by the Master himself, Alfred Mylne. JENETTA is not only the longest 12 metre ever built but was also one of the fastest, the only one capable of beating Vim in 1939. However, Burton did not race her as much due to the outbreak of the War and of course his own advancing years.

Sir William Parker Burton, president of the Yacht Racing Association, died at Burstall, near Ipswich in 1942, at the age of 78.

Sir William, who succeeded the Duke of Windsor, was;

  • President of the Y.R.A.,
  • Captain of Sir Thomas Lipton’s Shamrock IV. in 1920, when she came very near to winning the America’s Cup.
  • He had the unusual honor of being knighted aboard the Royal yacht in 1921 by King George V.

Besides his yachting interests, Sir William was a keen hunting man. He was Master of Staghounds, 1907-1914, and Joint Master of Essex and Suffolk Foxhounds from 1912 till 1928. Lady Burton, who died in November 1996, was described as “ the greatest yachtswoman.”

🧭. -Alfred Mylne (1872–1951)
🧭. -BURTON, SIR WILLIAM P. (1864-1942) UK
🧭. -Thomas Lipton (1848-1931), in full Sir Thomas Johnstone Lipton, 1st Baronet.