World Championship -Race Day2, Prayers of a sailmaker

Race Day 2 (August 20) 3 Races (R3,R4,R5)

Race day2 – Prayers of a sailmaker

HELSINKI, FI (August 20, 2021) – After two days (August 18 & 19) without sailing due to extreme weather conditions, official competition for the 2021 Evli 12mR World Championship resumed Friday with three races held in the Gulf of Finland, hosted by Nyländska Jaktklubben, NJK.
Due to the postponed scheduled races of August 18 & 19, the Race Committee (RC) was forced to try to complete races to fulfill the requirements of enough races to complete a World Championship. Therefore, the first race (R3) started 1 hour earlier than originally scheduled at 10:05 EEST, south of Isosaari Island with steady 16-18 knot winds increasing to 20 kts in choppy 1.5-1.7m seas.
In Race One of the day (3rd of the series), Vim (US-15), Blue Marlin (FIN-1) and Wings (K-15) were first to round the first mark.
After the spinnaker leg at the bottom mark, Vim (US-15) emerged just clear ahead, while Wings was outside overlapping on Blue Marlin (FIN-1). During the rounding Blue Marlin (FIN-1) was on the receiving end of contact (3 “taps”) to her transom by Wing’s bow, without Wings (K-15) having rights to the way.

As Wings (K-15) after this contact had violated the racing rules, why Wings (K-15) had to do a 360 degrees penalty turn to continue in the race. After Wings (K-15) completed her required 360 degrees penalty turn, a mainsail batten parted in the maneuver of the boat, ripping a hole in the mainsail. Wings (K-15) decided not to return to the course for R3 and the remaining two races (R4 & R5) of the day.
The Genua-fall of Jenetta (K-1) broke during a sharp maneuver in the gate at the bottom mark, and the Genua-fall had to be replaced before the next race (R4). Jenetta asked for a postponement of the start to the next race (R4), but that was rejected by the Race Committee (RC). A reason for this could be the pressure on RC after two days without racing to complete enough races to establish a championship. An ultra-fast but not entirely harmless replacement was then made by Tom Lach being lifted up in the mast in very high seas. Having a man in the 25 meters high mast in the high seas, forced Jenetta (K-1) to bear away from the starting area to a more calm sea behind the island of Isosaari.

After repair Jenetta (K-1) turned back towards the starting line, where she reached the starting line of race 2 (R4) with a delay of (only) 3:42 minutes after the starting signal. Without the fast work in the mast by Tom Lach, Jenetta (K-1) would not have been able to start R4 within the time limit of the start (DNC).

At the start of race two (R4) Vim (US-15) and Blue Marlin (FIN-1) entered the course from opposite sides of the line, the former at the RC boat, the latter at the pin end. Each continued to sail out to opposite sides of the course with Filca II (K-14) covering Vim (US-15). 

On their first crossing, mid-course Blue Marlin (FIN-1), on port bow, was forced to duck Vim (US-15) sailing on starboard but did cross in front of Flica II (K-14), as they continued to alternate sides of the course. Meanwhile, Nini Anker (K-14) suffered a coffee-grinder (winch) breakdown, which dictated her retirement and her return to the dock for repairs. Jenetta (K-1), fighting her way back after the delayed start, advanced fast through the fleet from behind.

Jenetta’s (K-1) mainsail parted after the 2nd mark rounding after a close encounter with Vanity (K-5), dangerously maneuvering not giving room in the zone at the mark. 

Jenetta (K-1) was forced to retire from racing for the day, too.

PROTEST! -Incident description: K-5 did not give the requested mark-room which led to 2 forced jibes (gybe) resulting in damage to mast and mainsail


Further back, Vema III (N-11), Vanity V (K-5), and Thea (D-1) sailed closely together throughout vying for the 4th place finish.
Finish order R4 being Vim (US-15), Blue Marlin (FIN-1), Flica II (K-14), Vema III (N-11), Vanity V (K-5), and finally Thea (D-1).

Five of the nine yacht fleets started Race Three (R5); four finished:

Blue Marlin (FIN-1) suffered mainsail damage early on and also retired for the day. Through attrition of the fleet and sheer persistence Vema III (N-11) who sailed all three races of the day without incident added a third-place finish in this race, moving her up in the overall standings. Vim (US-15) also suffered damages, as one of her original 1939 grinders broke down. In spite of her damage Vim (US-15) decided to continue.
Finish positions in the four-boat final race of the day race were: Vim (US-15), Flica II (K-14), Vema III (N-11) and Vanity V (K-5).

Protest conclusion:

K5, overlapped outside at the zone, failed to give mark room, and broke RRS 18.2b. K1’s finishing position was made significantly worse in race 4 and subsequent races through no fault of his own by K5 breaking a rule of part 2 and satisfies RRS 62.1b. RRS 44.1b requires K5 to be disqualified because of the damage.

Decision: K-5 Vanity was disqualified in R4, K-1 Jenetta was granted redress as average pts from races 1-3 for races 4 and 5.

Weather note: The extreme weather and cold conditions were due to a row of low pressures (occlusions) approaching Finland.

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