World Championship -Race Day3 -and then there was silence

Race Day 3 (August 21) 2 Races (R6 & R7)

Race Day3 -and then there was silence
HELSINKI, FI (August 21, 2021) – All nine of the Vintage 12mR fleet competing at the 2021 Evli 12mR World Championship returned to the racecourse this morning after an evening of cooperation between crews to repair damages sustained during Friday’s heavy-weather sailing.

A true testament to the durability of Vintage 12mR yachts and of the commitment shown by those who care for these historic racing boats.

Race One – or sixth in the now completed seven-race 2021 Evli 12mR World Championship series hosted by Nyländska Jaktklubben, NJK –started at 10:05 EEST, south of Isosaari Island in 4-6 knots of breeze from the WSW (240 °) and calm seas.

Wings (K-15) took an early lead but was quickly passed by Vim (US-15) on the first upwind leg. Blue Marlin (FIN-1) benefited from a wind shift that found her in first place around the weather mark followed by Vim (US-15), who subsequently overtook her on the downwind leg.

Meanwhile, Nini Anker (K-14) had gybed to the right side of the course and squeezed out Vim (US-15) for the first-place finish. Vim (US-15) and Blue Marlin (US-15) finished in second and third places respectively.

Jenetta (K-1) was after removing the torn mainsail Friday, unable to repair the race mainsail. The only option was to replace it with the much smaller touring mainsail, which is used for deliveries of the boat to regattas. If the weather conditions for these last two races had been like the conditions Friday, the problem had been small. However, the wind Saturday was very light and occasionally disappearing, unfortunately. Therefore Jenetta (K-1) had a lack of speed compared to the competitors with much larger race mainsails, and Jenetta (K-1) with this handicap, was forced to a more aggressive and uncompromising tactic with more risk.

Just after the start of R6 Jenetta (K-1) went on her port bow to the right side away from the fleet.


A dark horizon indicated a possibility of future gain on the right side of the first upwind, where the wind was almost completely disappearing.
Being on the heels in lack of speed Jenetta (K-1) went to the edge on the right side almost into the island Isosaari, but the breeze came back to the race area a little further away from the island Isosaari, which Vim (US-15) and Nini Anker (N-15) did benefit from.

Due to the dying wind, the R6 course was shortened.

After completing Race One in a dying breeze, NJK’s Race Committee hoisted the AP flag indicating a delay until sufficient wind was established and the course could be properly adjusted — one final test of patience for the ready-to-race crews.

Race Two (R7) got underway at 13:20 EEST in 8 knots of wind, this final contest now being watched by a fleet of more than 60 spectator boats.

The 12mRs did not disappoint;

an exciting start and close racing with multiple crossing tacks, gybes, and lead changes added to the exciting finale of the epic week-long series. 

After the final race (R7) the fleet (except 1 boat) sailed honor parade through the channel of the old fortress islands of Suomenlinna.

New 2021 12mR World Champion; Vim (US-15).

-Congratulations Patrick & Vim Crew, really well done 🇩🇰

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