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JENETTA K1 1939. -a golden opportunity

Designed in 1939 by Alfred Mylne for Sir William Burton, President of the Yacht Racing Association and long term client of the Mylne design office.

The “Jenetta” was one of his most successful 12-metre designs, exceptional even by the standards of a man who was considered to be the world’s finest designer for 12-metres in his day. “Jenetta” was the fourth and last 12-metre for Sir William Burton, himself a famous yachtsman, who made his fortune in the sugar trade. Sugar and tea have a natural affinity and so he first became business partner and later friend of Sir Thomas Lipton

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Restoration Project by Robbe & Berking Classics: -Jenetta

JENETTA is another spectacular project at Robbe & Berking Classics.

We are restoring the 3rd rule 12 Metre class yacht JENETTA, designed by Alfred Mylne, who was one of the most experienced 12 Metre designers in the world.

She was built in Scotland at Bute Slip Dock, which was run by Mylne’s brother, Charles. She was to be each man’s swan song.

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